Beverage Manager

Position Title: Beverage Manager

Reports to the: Food & Beverage Director

Position Summary:
Maintain the highest possible standards of beverage products and service in Camden on the Lake Bars. Train and motivate employees to perform Quality service in order to deliver a positive experience for our guest in Camden on the Lake. Develop maximum beverage profit through beverage cost and labor control.


1. Monitor beverage presentation and service in all restaurants and bars.

2. Ensure all bar employees are clocking in and out correctly and recording their tips and gross receipts.

3. Assist with ongoing training for wait staff & bartenders to include beverage service, knowledge of drinks, brands, wine / specials, up selling, etc.

4. Directly supervise, in Food & Beverage Director’s absence, bar staff (bartenders & bar backs)

5. Work Holidays of Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day.

6. Coordinate bartenders, bar backs of cleaning of the bars including opening and closing side work.

7. Inspect beverage outlets for cleanliness and maintenance daily.

8. Assist with maintaining par levels of beer, wine, liquor and supplies for the food and beverage outlets.

9. Be involved in taking end of month liquor inventory.

10. Assist Food & Beverage Director with promotions and advertising of beverage outlets.

11. Stock the bar outlets with products (beer, wine, liquor and supplies)

12. Keep the bars stocked with roll paper for the Micros, ink ribbons and drop envelopes etc.

13. Have a working knowledge of proper procedures to opening and closing of the Micros register and closing paper work.

14. Abide by laws of Board of Health city and state, and city and state liquor laws.

15. Enforce sanitation and safety regulations.

16. Establish and maintain positive working rapport with employees.

17. Build and maintain employee morale.

18. Assist Food & Beverage and Food & Beverage Director in improving skills of servers, bar backs, and bartenders.

19. Train personnel on safety / emergency procedures.

20. Maintain and preserve confidentiality.

21. Mediate disputes effectively and inform Food & Beverage Director of any incidents.

22. Assume responsibility for helping others.

23. Follow through with responsibility / duties.

24. Display assertiveness appropriately.

25. Maintain a professional demeanor.

26. Demonstrate pride in profession.

27. On occasion, may have to serve as the bartender or bar back in absence of scheduled employees.

28. Not allowed to participate in tip pool if required to assist at a bar because of a temporary rush.

29. Must assist in the opening and closing of all bars on property at proper times.

30. Other duties as required / requested by management.

31. Understand there will be no drinking of alcoholic beverages while on duty on property without permission from the Director of Food & Beverage only. Failure can lead to suspension or possible termination of employment.

Physical requirements:

You are required to spend eight (8) or more hours a day on your feet standing / walking. Be able to carry a full tray and / or a bus tub and / or cases of beer weighting approximately 35 pounds at least 50 feet.


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