Eliminator KC is regarded by major talent agency’s and talent broker’s across America to be THE WORLD’S MOST AUTHENTIC ZZ TOP CONCERT RECREATION as well as being one of America’s top touring tribute production’s. For a decade plus these three gents based out of Kansas City has taken their show coast to coast performing at major venues and events across our land. Rolling up with full production and delivering the good’s! The desert back drop, replica mic stands and drum kit, triple stacked speaker cabinet’s, spinning fuzzy guitars and of course the trademark ZZ TOP attire and persona.

But most importantly the uncanny rendition of over twenty charted hits that has helped shape the face of American music and culture. ELIMINATOR KC is honored to have shared the stage with such great’s as B.B. KING, TED NUGENT, 38 SPECIAL, FOG HAT, STEPPENWOLF and others. And look’s forward to providing you with the entertainment that will make your event an overwhelming success !!
Join them at www.eliminatorkc.com